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 Rules for Almighty.

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PostSubject: Rules for Almighty.   Mon Dec 07, 2009 3:59 pm

These below are the Rules for Almighty Gaming. If you break any of these rules you may be subject to a ban or may be given another chance. You may possibly get Temporary Banned, or Permanent Banned, and Rarely IP Ban. It Starts Out Like This, First Time You Break A Rule You May Be Given Another Chance, Second Time Possibly a Third Or You May Get Temporary Banned, Then You Break Another Rule You Get Permanent, and If You Make Another Account and Break A Rule, You'll Get IP Banned. You Have Been Warned.

Rule #1:Respect Everyone.
Rule #2:Please give credit to whoever made the Program, Hack etc.
Rule #3:Do not beg to become Admin, Moderator or Staff. You can apply at the Application section and can possibly get a Position.
Rule #4:Admin, Moderators, and Staff. Please DO NOT USE YOUR POWERS and use it against the members of Almighty Gamers Or You Will Get Fractured And Demoted.
Rule #5:Do Not Pretend That You Are An Admin, Staff, or a Moderater.
Rule #6:No Swearing, Unless You Go To The SpamZilla Section.
Rule #7:No Creating Multiple Accounts, Unless You Get Permanent Banned On Your Main.
Rule #8:No Double Posting. (We Don't Want People To Create Spam, Just To Get There Post Up)
Rule #9:Admins, Super Moderators, and Moderators, After You Edit Someone Elses Post, Do This -(Your Username)
Rule #10:Do not post a Download Link without a Virus Scan (Click Here)

If You Have Any Other Ideas Create a Topic in "Suggestions & Questions"

More Coming Soon....
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Rules for Almighty.
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